August 2, 2018

Pregnancy & Post-Natal Pilates near Kooyong

The team at Malvern Pilates provides Pregnancy & Post-Natal Pilates classes to Kooyong and surrounding communities. Pregnancy Pilates near Kooyong

Pregnancy and Post-Natal Clinical Pilates 1:3 is specifically designed for women who are either pregnant or post-natal. Each person will be given individual exercises relevant to their stage of pregnancy/post-natal recovery and goals. These classes are run by a physiotherapist with many years experience.

It is perfect for;
·         Pregnant or post-natal women
·         Those wanting to stay fit throughout their pregnancy
·         Those wanting to manage pregnancy-related conditions
·         New mothers re-building strength and managing the physical demands of motherhood
·         Women who want to safely improve their pelvic floor and abdominal muscle strength

Our Pregnancy / Post-Natal Clinical Pilates Class 1:3 will always be different to a gym style class.

The exercises will be prescribed in a way that enhances how your body functions. The stage of pregnancy or post-natal recovery is always considered to ensure safety of you and your baby at all times.  There is a strong focus on strengthening your core, as this is vital in childbearing and post-natal women.

Check out our class timetable for all available times.

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