February 22, 2018

What are the health benefits of Clinical Pilates?

Clinical Pilates will challenge your control and deep muscles by taking you into positions that require great body awareness to maintain. There is no doubt that by watching a trained performing dancer, you can see the symmetry between mind and body allowing a smooth and graceful movement. These are the same systems of control that Clinical Pilates will hone in on to help you improve your co-ordination and control of your body.

Aside from these changes in how much control you will gain over your body, you will also gain some physiological improvements. Clinical Pilates has been shown to increase flexibility, improve trunk stability, help prevent injury and improve athletic performance. Although there is some cardio benefit from Pilates, there is typically far less emphasis placed on this as you will always be encouraged to perform each movement with control.

For anyone wishing to lose weight, reduce their waist line, or improve their cardiovascular fitness, Clinical Pilates is the best way to lay down a foundation of support for your body. You will then have a great base to challenge yourself in additional forms of exercise to achieve you goals. And all the way through, your Pilates will help you move better and feel stronger!

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