Cara McNeill

Clinical Pilates Physiotherapist

Cara originally developed a passion for Pilates when she was training as a classical ballet dancer, as an adjunct to optimise her skills in dance.
She then went on to complete her APMA Level 2 Certificate in 2007 and then completing her Bachelor of Physiotherapy at Monash University in 2008.
Cara feels everybody can benefit from Clinical Pilates, and enjoys coaching clients across their health journey spectrum; she is very accomplished using it for rehabilitation of an acute injury, to maintenance of strength and flexibility, to optimisation of sport specific conditioning to enhance performance.

She enjoys working with dancers, athletes and non athletes, and anyone from teenagers with postural dysfunction to older adults who want to improve their strength and conditioning.

Cara likes to add variety to her Clinical Pilates classes with her extensive repertoire which will keep you on your toes (literally!)