Alisa McLachlan

Clinical Pilates Physiotherapist

Alisa McLachlan graduated from Melbourne University in 1995, then completed the Masters in Manipulative Physiotherapy at Sydney University in 1999. More recently, Alisa has begun the two year journey to be able to call herself an APA titled specialist physiotherapist. It’s been through this extensive study that Alisa has developed a great number of skills in treating all number of issues, particularly the more difficult ones that others have not been able to fix.

Alisa has also completed an extensive number of Clinical Pilates courses, and from these, has developed an extensive repertoire of exercises on the Pilates equipment. She understands the needs of people of all ages and enjoys treating both younger and older adults, applying her understanding of what each individual needs. Alisa uses the combination of exercise and hands-on treatment to help your body function to its very best!

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