Clinical Pilates at Malvern Pilates Studio aims to optimise how you move, strengthen your muscles and achieve your personal goals.


Malvern Pilates has been providing care to Malvern East and the surrounding Ashburton, Chadstone, Carnegie, Caufield North, Malvern, Murrumbeena, Glen Iris, Caufield, Armadale, Glen Huntly communities since 2012.
Clinical Pilates is a form of exercise that was developed during WW1 by Joseph Pilates as a way to help rehabilitate injured soldiers. He used a makeshift bed with springs and straps which formed the basis of the equipment we use today. From there the dance and performing arts communities discovered the benefits of Clinical Pilates – being able to target movement control, joint range and flexibility, as well as muscular strength.
Today the world is awash with different types of Pilates that range from rehabilitative to fitness-style Pilates and it has become a popular form of exercise. It has also been utilised as an excellent way to correct muscular activation, recover from injuries and enhance sporting performance.
Clinical Pilates is a great alternative to the gym or high-impact exercise and can be adapted to suit almost everyone’s needs. It often complements other forms of exercise or sporting activities.
Clinical Pilates differs to some other forms of Pilates you may have heard about. Clinical Pilates is instructed by physiotherapists who have the knowledge to tailor an exercise routine specific to your needs or goals and can alter exercises according to injuries.

Our Approach


At Malvern Pilates Studio our primary focus is on you and your well-being. It’s that simple! We take great care to choose exercises that are appropriate for your condition(s) and goals, tailoring every session to your needs.
To gain a better understanding of the correct Clinical Pilates technique and to ensure you get the most out of your classes we recommend an initial one-on-one assessment to ensure you have mastered the basics. If you have a particular problem that needs special attention, your physiotherapist may recommend some additional one-to-one sessions.
In the initial individual session, we discuss with you how your body has behaved in the past, what injuries you have had, times you feel stiff or sore and what operations you may have had. This information will assist the assessment and development of your Clinical Pilates program. Tests done by our physiotherapists will examine how your body moves. This will tell us where you are strong and weak, where you are flexible and inflexible, what level of awareness you have in your body and your ability to get into supportive positions for exercise. We will also discuss with you exactly what you want to achieve.
Once we have all this information we are able to develop and provide you with an exercise program that will
  • Make you stronger,
  • Improve flexibility,
  • Improve fitness,
  • Prevent further injuries and help with any you may already have,
  • Help you understand your body, and
  • Make you feel better.
Our Clinical Pilates classes are designed to be specific, challenging and, most importantly, are provided in a safe environment.
To ensure your Clinical Pilates classes continue to be goal orientated, relevant to any injuries and be able to reflect your progress, your physiotherapist will conduct an occasional individual review.

Our Values:

Clinical Pilates Malvern East

You have our attention

We take pride in ensuring you are the person who takes our focus during any session you have with one of our therapists. As a result, we are able to ensure you maximise the time you dedicate to your body.
Reformer Pilates in Malvern East

Avoid Injury

Clinical Pilates with a physio will greatly differ to what your experience will be if you choose to do Pilates in a gym or large group setting with less educated instructors.
Malvern East Pilates

Wealth of Knowledge

Our physiotherapists have a huge amount of experience nationally and internationally allowing you to feel confident you are getting the most up to date level of care possible.