We are excited to introduce Malvern Pilates Studio!

Malvern Pilates Studio is our purpose-built Clinical Pilates Studio with state-of-the-art equipment. As an extension of Malvern Physiotherapy Clinic, which has been providing care to Malvern East and the surrounds since 2012, Malvern Pilates Studio continues the high-level of service.

Malvern Pilates Studio has over 40 classes on offer per week and are all run by our highly qualified Physiotherapists. With expert anatomical knowledge, we choose exercises that meet your everyday, sporting, injury-prevention or well-being goals.

 Our light-filled space is fitted out with the latest pilates equipment including reformers, trapeze table and pilates chair. This amazing, fresh space is the perfect place to focus on your body and health.

Our primary focus is on you and your well-being. It’s that simple!

Clinical Pilates Malvern East

You have our attention

We take pride in ensuring you are the person who takes our focus during any session you have with one of our therapists. As a result, we are able to ensure you maximise the time you dedicate to your body.
Reformer Pilates in Malvern East

Avoid injury

Clinical Pilates with a physio will greatly differ to what your experience will be if you choose to do Pilates in a gym or large group setting with less educated instructors.
Malvern East Pilates

Wealth of knowledge

Our physiotherapists have a huge amount of experience nationally and internationally allowing you to feel confident you are getting the most up to date level of care possible.

Pilates Timetable


Blue = Clinical Pilates 1:3            Pink = Pre/Post-Natal Pilates 1:3            Green = Fitness Pilates 1:6

Our Classes

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